DIY – Raspberry Parfait Slippers

I have recently gotten back into crafting as a way to keep my sad little hands busy while I’m away from my man. A friend introduced me to Ravelry, and I found the CUTEST little pattern for Mary-Jane style slippers.

I think these are absolutely precious. Her pattern is darling and should work, but I made a few changes to the pattern which I’ll explain below. I’m writing these changes assuming that readers have looked at her pattern first, so check it out here.

First, I scaled down the size. I have baby feet, borderline size 6. The easiest way to shrink these is to start with 6 stitches in your ring instead of 8. I imagine for a size medium you’d start with 7, or a larger size start with 9. Increase like the pattern says (2 dc every stitch in round 1, 2 dc every other stitch in round 2, every 3rd stitch in round 3, etc.) Just use multiples of 6 instead of 8. You should now end your increase rows with 24 stitches instead of 32.

For the footbed, work the first 17 stitches instead of 23 (the number of stitches in round 3 minus 1).

When making the loop, I opted for a single crochet chain. This is very easy… when you get to the spot where you’ll place your loop, make one single crochet, then begin a crochet chain of about 25 stitches, and anchor in place with your next single crochet in the following stitch. You should have a neat loop. Continue around as the pattern says.

For yarn, I used Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink held together with Louisa Harding Yarns Kimono Angora Pure in 4, a pretty raspberry color. Don’t knock this combo until you try it. The Red Heart acrylic adds bulk and durability, while the Kimono is beautifully soft but would not hold up well as a slipper by itself. Together they make a sturdy, warm, house shoe that should fluff up nicely with wear. I used some fluffy red scrap yarn for the edging, no recollection of what it’s called. I also upped the hook size to an I/5.50 mm, but I am a tight crocheter. I’m a fan of kitsch, and found these plastic heart buttons for 78¢ at Wal-Mart. 78¢!!! I am not kidding.

If you don’t want to slide around, decorate the bottoms with some puffy fabric paint and let dry.

These have the added bonus of being easy to finish in a day or two. Very cute for gifting!


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