Simple Pleasures

Being, as always, a little behind the cool kids on getting a hip new toy, I just  bought my first French Press. Also known as a Brazil Coffee Maker or a Coffee Plunger.

And it is delightful.

Unlike a drip coffeemaker, the coffee press makes the perfect cup with no electricity, filters, or excess machinery. Hot water is poured and stirred over ground coffee rather than being forced up a plastic tube and through a paper filter. Brewing this way tastes so much fresher; you can literally see the difference in nearly invisible beads of oil floating on top.

Lots of French Presses also only hold 12 ounces, making them perfect for that afternoon cup taken solo while you watch the rain fall from your bedroom window.

Highlights the real joy of doing something for your own pleasure, and doing it slowly.

Next on my wishlist: the Travel Press


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