Hello, Dolly!

Being overseas for Thanksgiving has given me a hankering for some Americana. My oven won’t accommodate a turkey, so I’ve turned to our country’s legends.

Like Dolly Parton.

Clearly, the feather-haired high priestess of country was not always a caricature. Back in her Jolene-crooning hey day, she was a bonafide beauty.

The Look:

Mauve nails, long and oval. This shape is back in a big way, so don’t be afraid to rock some Dynasty-worthy claws. Check out Rihanna’s latest cover in Marie Claire for inspiration.

Big hair. The “natural look” is for Puritans. If you want authentic Nashville hair, artifice is your friend. All you need to rock some heartbreaking hair is a teasing comb, the cheapest hard-hat-hold hairspray you can find, and some hot rollers if you’re feeling fancy. Peroxide optional.

and, naturally, some sass to defend all that feminine glamour.

Squeeze the girls into a polyester pantsuit and you are good to go!



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