Battle of the Rock Goddesses

For whatever reason, rock has always been a man’s game. But women have done plenty for the music scene, and there are a few rock heroines for every generation.

For this decade, I nominate Karen O (née Orzolek) and Allison Mosshart.

Allison Mosshart

Karen O is best known for fronting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Allison Mosshart came on the scene as one half of the Kills alongside Jamie Hince.

Karen O at Lolla 2007

Karen O is flamboyant, Allison’s gritty. They both have a large body of work, killer style, and great hair. They set trends. They outshine the boys. They don’t disappoint live. They’re both to-the-bone rock stars.

So who’s the best rock goddess? Karen O has better pipes, but Allison would win in a fight. Allison Mosshart is multitasking with Jack White, Karen O created a soundtrack for Spike Jonze. Does it really matter who’s better? Point is, they both flippin’ rock.

For your viewing pleasure, U.R.A. Fever by the Kills.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing at the Monolith Festival Fall 2009.

I realize the songs featured are not the most recent work put out by these ladies. And that the second video is not professionally shot and in no way official. BUT these vids do exemplify everything I adore about these women, and show their artistic styles pretty clearly.

Here’s to all the ladies who rock.



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