Onion Love

I miss many things from Scotland. My craving for Ploughman’s and Cheese and Onion sandwiches just will not go away! A Ploughman’s sandwich is usually a thick slice of cheddar or cold cut with lettuce, tomato, and “pickle,” which is a sweet, oniony relish. I’ve been meaning to get off my butt and make some Scotch-style pickle, but I am still hunting for the perfect recipe. I think what I’m craving is a Branston pickle, which is apparently some complicated relish that involves rutabagas, allspice, and lots of stewing. Highly inappropriate for the collegiate kitchen.

If I manage to hammer out a simple version of the real thing, you can be sure I’ll post it here! In the meantime, I think I’ll give this Onion Jam a go.

Next on the list: cheese and onion filling.



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