Bottle Cap Magnets

This project is so simple I almost feel guilty writing up a tutorial. Bottle cap magnets are a quick, easy, way to recycle, and they look pretty darn cute boozing up your fridge.

bottle cap DIY

You Need:

a few beer bottle caps (twist-off caps will look neater)

a few small, plain, glue & stick magnets

craft glue (I used the classic Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue)

First, make sure your caps are clean and dry. Place them face down, put a pea-sized dab of glue in the center of each one, and press a magnet into the glue.

bottle cap magnetsLet dry. Place on fridge. Done!

bottle cap magnets

Your guests will now marvel at your ability to make green glamorous. And your taste in beverages.


3 responses to “Bottle Cap Magnets

  1. Cute! How simple but so cute! Love your site….the background is gorgeous! Happy Crafting 🙂

  2. How clever, but simple. Gotta try it.

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