The Joy of Foundation Crochet

Hello Dear Readers. Your unfaithful blogess has a glorious tip to share with you. For those that crochet, it may even be LIFE CHANGING!

From the very beginner to the most advanced, all crocheters are well versed in the nightmare that is crocheting into the beginning crochet chain. That first row is the bane of my existence, and I’m guessing I’m not alone. I’d like to expand my crochet skillz, and start crafting some full fledged garments. I love the ease of shaping in crochet, the freedom to create textured or openwork stitches, the rapidity with which fabric seems to fly past my fingers.

Unfortunately, most garment patterns begin something like “chain 208. single crochet in second ch from hook and each ch around.”

The mere thought of wedging my hook into 100 or 200+ chain stitches makes me shudder in horror.

Cue the FOUNDATION CROCHET STITCH!!! It’s amazing! A miracle! Foundation crochet essentially combines a chained edge with your first row of single, double, or half double crochet.

Rather than use my clumsy layman’s terms to explain, I am providing a link to a straightforward set of instructions and diagrams. Click the links below and rejoice.

Foundation Single Crochet Instructions

Foundation Double Crochet Instructions

Foundation Half Double Crochet Instructions


4 responses to “The Joy of Foundation Crochet

  1. THIS BLEW MY MIND. I consider myself to be a fairly decent crocheter but I had never seen this before! You f’ing rule.

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  3. Agreed. Foundation single crochets RULE.

    Working into the foundation chain is sucky.

    (I did know this tip before but always forget how to do it.)

    There’s a decent video tutorial here:

  4. Hmmm. I wonder if this can be used for a ripple? Anyone?

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