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Goodies and Parisian Rambles

I have been a neglectful blogess of late, and I feel quite badly about it. I’ve been a busy girl recently– holding down the fort at my boutique and trying to get my sea legs at my shiny new internship. Have I mentioned I’m the Yarn Intern for a group of magazines called Interweave Press? Yes, yarn is in fact part of my official title. Swoony swoon. I now spend my days immersed in fiber crafts, and have decided to get a little more indulgent with my supplies.

Without any more hooplah, I’d like to share the two things that I’m most excited about adding to my craft stash.

Preface: I have not yet fully explored the world of sock yarn, and there are oodles of tasty merino/nylon blends. But I REALLY like the colorways available from Lorna’s Laces. I couldn’t resist picking up a skein of the classic Shepherd Sock in Unicorn Parade. I mean, duh. The color is called Unicorn Parade. I’m a total sucker for names.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Unicorn Parade

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Unicorn Parade, courtesy of

Turns out, the color is quite a bit more flamboyant than I imagined. I’m thinking it may be better suited to a baby garment than the cabled socks I originally planned. This yarn is handpainted, so I’m not sure if my personal skein is the norm. I purchased online ( has a nice selection) and only have a tiny sample. If I remember, I’ll try to get a good shot of my swatch to show the color.

Secondly, these macaroon stitch markers. On my last, and very brief, trip to Paris, I went on a Special Expedition to track down the best macaroons in Paris. I went several Metro stops out of my way, got lost in a very posh neighborhood, asked several people (some surprisingly helpful, some confused by my Okie-twangin’ français) for directions, and elbowed my way through an out-the-door line, all to order half a dozen of these babies.

I really like macaroons. And now I can ponder their tastiness while I knit.

Macaroon Stitch Markers from Beadpassion

Macaroon Stitch Markers from Etsy seller Bead Passion

Unfortunately, these ship from the Philippines, so I don’t yet have them in my hot little hands. They are 1.3 cm wide, and profess to fit up to size U.S. 10/6 mm needles. This seller also has stitch markers and jewelry shaped like sushi, cupcakes, donuts, mushrooms, etc. Yum.

Macaroon Stitch Markers from Beadpassion


Until next time,



Battle of the Rock Goddesses

For whatever reason, rock has always been a man’s game. But women have done plenty for the music scene, and there are a few rock heroines for every generation.

For this decade, I nominate Karen O (née Orzolek) and Allison Mosshart.

Allison Mosshart

Karen O is best known for fronting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Allison Mosshart came on the scene as one half of the Kills alongside Jamie Hince.

Karen O at Lolla 2007

Karen O is flamboyant, Allison’s gritty. They both have a large body of work, killer style, and great hair. They set trends. They outshine the boys. They don’t disappoint live. They’re both to-the-bone rock stars.

So who’s the best rock goddess? Karen O has better pipes, but Allison would win in a fight. Allison Mosshart is multitasking with Jack White, Karen O created a soundtrack for Spike Jonze. Does it really matter who’s better? Point is, they both flippin’ rock.

For your viewing pleasure, U.R.A. Fever by the Kills.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing at the Monolith Festival Fall 2009.

I realize the songs featured are not the most recent work put out by these ladies. And that the second video is not professionally shot and in no way official. BUT these vids do exemplify everything I adore about these women, and show their artistic styles pretty clearly.

Here’s to all the ladies who rock.


An American in the U.K.

As an American traveler, you often take a beating. We are one of those countries that lotsa people love to hate. To an extent, I get it. We are loud, spoiled, and often have a weaker grasp on geography and foreign language than many Europeans. BUT we are also generous, optimistic, and overtly (obnoxiously) friendly. And let’s not forget that “making the world safe for democracy” was not always a laughable political slogan. The Leader of the Free World can’t always be right, but despite our glaring imperfections, the good ol’ U.S. of A. has her moments of glory.

Today’s case in point: the teabag. Tea, the pride and joy of the U.K., was first bagged up across the pond.

from the right proper website of Edinburgh’s Eteaket Tea Room:

“Unsurprisingly, it is the Americans we have to thank for inventing the tea bag – they do love labour saving devices. This invention actually came about by mistake in 1908 when a tea merchant called Thomas Sullivan started sending tea samples to customers in small silken bags. Some customers put the entire bag into the pot, rather than emptying the contents as Mr Sullivan had intended. The tea bag was born.”

American ingenuity meets British sophistication and we all get a nice cuppa Chinese Oolong. Hooray for international cooperation.


Things my Mama Taught Me

In addition to the usual (how to boil water, how to cross the street, and that it’s not polite to stare), here’s a few brilliant Things my Mama Taught Me.

1. How to Clean a Hairbrush. First, use a fine tooth comb to get all the hair out from between the bristles. This should be done fairly often, but leaving a few will help the brush glide through your hair. Fact. Every month or so, give the pad of the brush a good scrub using a toothbrush and a dab of shampoo.

2. How to Remove Corrosion from a Car Battery. Say wha? This one can save you loads of money… if your battery has gone dead for suspicious reasons, the terminals (knobs where you’d hook on jumper cables) may be corroded. You can fix this for about 25¢. Pour some baking soda (not powder) in a bowl and add a little water for a thick paste. Dip a toothbrush in the paste and get to scrubbing. Rinse with plain water. Also, please make sure your car is off.

3. Always use cold water to get blood out of fabric. Good Mafia trick.

4. Never make radical hair choices in times of depression. Every ladymag under the sun will tell you that a “new look” is just what you need to get your swagger back. This is a lie. In 2 weeks, you will wonder why the hell someone let you lop 6 inches off your hair while wearing sweatpants and eating nothing but Chunky Monkey for a week. Do yourself a favor and watch a Liz Taylor movie instead.

5. No one has to buy the cow if they’re getting the milk for free. You can take that however you like, but it’s always good to keep a little mystery!

Thanks Mom!!!

oh, and no wire hangers.

Whip My Hair Official Music Video PLUS! Cheaper Makeup

I am generally a massive  hater of celebrity kid fame and tween rap hooks, but Willow Smith’s new video is pretty bangin’. She’s easily got the most swagger of any 9-year-old I’ve ever seen, and I am absurdly jealous. NOT ONLY has she managed to outshine every other marginal-celebrity-turned-artist, she looks damn good doing it and she hasn’t even hit puberty.

Check out the video below. AND if you want to score makeup as bright as the video, check out LimeCrime. You can get 15% off until October 28, just click the link in the sidebar and type in HUSHHUSH15 at checkout. Woo!

But for real. I want to be as fly as this girl.