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Sweet Stuff

Attention: World Nutella Day is this Sunday, February 6th. You bet your buns I’ll be cooking up some Nutella-inspired treats this weekend!

Also delicious: this hair. I am loving the My Little Pony-esque strands. Seriously tempting.


Hello, Dolly!

Being overseas for Thanksgiving has given me a hankering for some Americana. My oven won’t accommodate a turkey, so I’ve turned to our country’s legends.

Like Dolly Parton.

Clearly, the feather-haired high priestess of country was not always a caricature. Back in her Jolene-crooning hey day, she was a bonafide beauty.

The Look:

Mauve nails, long and oval. This shape is back in a big way, so don’t be afraid to rock some Dynasty-worthy claws. Check out Rihanna’s latest cover in Marie Claire for inspiration.

Big hair. The “natural look” is for Puritans. If you want authentic Nashville hair, artifice is your friend. All you need to rock some heartbreaking hair is a teasing comb, the cheapest hard-hat-hold hairspray you can find, and some hot rollers if you’re feeling fancy. Peroxide optional.

and, naturally, some sass to defend all that feminine glamour.

Squeeze the girls into a polyester pantsuit and you are good to go!


Daisy Buchanan Earwarmer

The 1920s were all about hats, but I can’t imagine the famous cloche being very kind to your hair. This quick little project is made for the modern Daisy Buchanan who hates hat hair as much as I do. The Great Gatsby is set during a broiling summer, but I imagine the Golden Girl herself might wear this come winter.

Simple, charming (if I dare say), and simply adorned with a bold flower, this earwarmer has all the glamour of a cloche without the hair-smushing. Turn one out in a few hours and give to a chilly fashionista. Or yourself.

You will need worsted/Aran weight yarn in 2 colors and a 5 mm hook.

Abbreviations: HDC = half-double crochet. ch = chain. sl st = slip stitch. DC = double crochet.

Row 1: Begin by chaining 73 stitches. Half-double crochet (HDC) in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across. Turn. 72 HDC. Alternatively, measure around your head with a piece of yarn, make a starting chain of that length PLUS 2 stitches, and carry on.

Row 2 and following: Ch 2 (counts as first HDC), HDC in each chain across.

Work even for 3 1/2 inches.

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Thread tail through a yarn needle and sew the short edges together with wrong sides facing.

To Make the Flower:

Work loosely! Or you will be sorry once you hit the spiral bit.

Row 1: Begin using the magic loop method. Ch 3, make 7 DC into ring. 8 DC.

Row 2: Ch 3, 2 DC in each st all the way around. 16 DC.

Row 3: Ch 2, 2 DC in next st. *1 DC in next stitch, 2 DC in following st* all the way around. Join with a sl st. 24 DC.

Row 4: Ch 1, *(hdc, dc, hdc) in next DC, sl st in following DC* all the way around. 8 petals.

Row 5 and continuing: You will be working in a spiral in the front post of each DC. I made this flower as an experiment but I will make another so that I can post a photo tutorial soon.

Continue in pattern (HDC, DC, HDC in next stitch to make a petal, sl st in the next stitch to anchor it down), but work petals and sl stitches in the front post of each dc. Have fun with it, and space the petals out however you like them. This WILL make more sense as you try it. Just slowly curve them inward, and don’t worry too much about which loop you are working in.

I am super proud of how this flower turned out. Working the middle of the spiral takes some finagling, but it’s really not so bad.

When you get to the middle, stop with a sl st and fasten off. Pull yarn through to the back of the flower.


Place the flower over the seam of the headband on the right side. Pull both ends (the magic loop tail and the fasten-off tail) through to the wrong side. Tie them in a square knot and weave in ends. With some scrap yarn and a yarn needle, sew the edges of the flower (the third row of DC) to the earband.

Block flat if desired and get those ears toasty!

::Note:: I will eventually have more pics up. My model made off with this one, but I’ll make another.

Whip My Hair Official Music Video PLUS! Cheaper Makeup

I am generally a massive  hater of celebrity kid fame and tween rap hooks, but Willow Smith’s new video is pretty bangin’. She’s easily got the most swagger of any 9-year-old I’ve ever seen, and I am absurdly jealous. NOT ONLY has she managed to outshine every other marginal-celebrity-turned-artist, she looks damn good doing it and she hasn’t even hit puberty.

Check out the video below. AND if you want to score makeup as bright as the video, check out LimeCrime. You can get 15% off until October 28, just click the link in the sidebar and type in HUSHHUSH15 at checkout. Woo!

But for real. I want to be as fly as this girl.

Caboodles! and the best lipstick ever.

I am absolutely an 80s girl. I like my hair big, my dresses tight, and my nails neon.But one of the best and brightest (and enduringly practical) hallmarks of the 80s is not a style, but a storage unit. Whether dragged to tween sleepovers or featured in Clueless, the iconic Caboodle was a totally rad requirement for any pre-millenial teenybopper.

Put simply, the Caboodle is a tacklebox for girls. I had two; one was turquoise, yellow and blue and the other was a glitter infused transparent pink with a purple heart clasp. They held my ridiculously large makeup and nail collection, and I doggedly trucked them to any sleepover or girlie gathering.

I resurrected one recently to keep my cosmetics safe while moving, and I am so in love. From the swirled pink and white casing to the neon geometric logo, this thing is a retro classic. Not to mention it keeps things much neater than those floppy makeup bags that tend to be covered in powders and smears after a day or two.

And to fill those Caboodles, check out Lime Crime Makeup. The brand is obscenely retro-bright and I am OBSESSED with the colors. I’m particularly into this opaque, pale orange lipstick the color of a creamsicle. They’ve also got a perfect classic red for all the Mad Men fans that is ON SALE! Makeup never goes on sale. Very exciting. Just look for the Retrofuturist Red and punch in “hellored” in the discount code box. You best believe I’ll be rocking this to brighten up my trip to the rainy wilds of the UK. Click the linky link in my sidebar to see all of their party-ready stuff.