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Procrastination is like…

I’d finish that quote but it’s rather scandalous. The point is I’ve been busy with graduating and have let my pride and joy slip by the wayside. Has it really been a whole month (erm, two) since I posted? THE HORROR!!!

After a few slaps on the wrist I’ve made a list of a few tasty posts to come after graduation. Glory be.

So if you’d like to hear my thoughts on knitting for boyfriends, score some free tracks by a new glam rock band, or watch me attempt to make fried avocados without the aid of a deep fryer or burning my kitchen down, by all means stay tuned!



Nutella Dreams

Hello dears. I have not forgotten my promise for a Nutella Day themed recipe. Alas, the magnificence of Nutella Pots de Créme will have to wait until I get my hands on a blender. Happy hibernating!

I <3 Martha

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write every day and post more often. Today I’ve just got a quick tip for belated holiday baking. I learned this from Martha Stewart’s original TV show ages ago. Yes, I still love her.

After softening your butter, use the wrapper to grease the pan or cookie sheet. Saves effort and makes using actual butter for greasing a breeze!