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Happy Daze

One of the most fitting nicknames I have ever received is Stressbunny. Teen angst has plagued me well past my 20th birthday, as have a whole host of neuroses, anxieties, and paranoias. While all that twitchiness is great for the metabolism, it’s hell on the brain. And nothing perks me up when I’m stressballin’ than a few choice tracks! Here’s some favorites that multitask as fabulous moving jams (helloooo end of summer).

This Week’s Playlist click to download

Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. ahhhh… a nice easy track to get you off your self-pity horse and out into the world.

Cards to Your Heart by Groove Armada. slick juicy electro pop. They’re called Groove Armada, it ain’t gonna be groundbreaking acoustic artistry.

Bodyaches by Sugar & Gold. The album is called Get Wet! see above.

Tell Me Why by M.I.A. get that blood pumpin and pat yourself on the back for knowing one of her newest tracks that ain’t the ginger-bombing Born Free.

Wolfboy by Seabear. Simple and delicious, like a perfect vanilla cupcake.

If you listened to these tracks in succession, you should now be in full-on jump-on-the-bed-in-your-skivvies mode. Good for you.