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Nutella Pots de Créme

FINALLY! Nutella Pots de Créme are here, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Pot de créme is just a fancy word for cup-full-of-love (technically, cup of cream. whatever.). It’s a decadent dessert with a texture somewhere between a créme brulée and a chocolate mousse. Make these for your sweetie and he or she will fall into a deep sugar coma of amorous bliss.

2/3 cup milknutella pot de creme recipe

1 egg

dash of salt

1 cup milk or semisweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup Nutella

whipped cream

finely chopped, roasted hazelnuts for garnish (see note below)

Put egg, salt, chocolate, liqueur, and Nutella in a blender. Pulse to combine. Meanwhile, bring milk just to a boil in a small saucepan. Add hot milk to blender and mix until completely smooth. The hot milk should be enough to melt the chocolate and cook the egg. Done!

Pour mixture evenly into 4 glasses or soufflé cups. I think wine glasses give a romantic touch. Servings will be small, but this stuff is decadent. Let sit at room temperature for a few minutes so that the larger bubbles pop. Cover each glass with plastic wrap and chill thoroughly.

When ready to serve, top each serving with whipped cream and sprinkle with hazelnuts. These go well with a bubble bath.

nutella recipe

Note: Two things here. One, roasting nuts is easy peasy. Throw your nuts in a dry (NO oil or butter) skillet over medium heat. Swirl them around until they start to turn brown/smell delicious. Remove from heat. This takes no time at all but will make a HUGE difference in flavor. Two, always buy expensive items in bulk! This tip will SAVE YOU as a college student. Special ingredients like nuts or exotic spices or basmati rice can cost a lot when pre-packaged. Luckily, most regular grocery stores nowadays have bulk aisles just like the health food store. If you get your fancy dry ingredients  here, you’ll pay pennies. Trust me.


Sweet Stuff

Attention: World Nutella Day is this Sunday, February 6th. You bet your buns I’ll be cooking up some Nutella-inspired treats this weekend!

Also delicious: this hair. I am loving the My Little Pony-esque strands. Seriously tempting.