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New Dance Punk Album from Miss TK and the Revenge

Miss TK & the Revenge could be compared to a more listenable M.I.A., a sexier Santogold, or a softer Siouxie Sioux. Inspired by legwarmers, the Muppets, and other neon-hued 80s memes, Miss TK and the Revenge put out tracks that always seem retro but never dated. Their new album, The Ocean Likes to Party Too, is a solid dance-punk gem without a single throwaway track. The vibe is somewhere between an 80s new wave club and a Clueless-era skate bash, making Miss TK & the Revenge a definite must at your next party.

The full album dropped July 13, or you can download a few tracks below.

Red Lites click for mp3

Shimmy Sha click for mp3

Just Wanna Dance click for mp3

Oh, and if you actually purchase the album, a portion of the proceeds go to help out the Gulf Coast. Rad and rad.