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I could waste time writing a lengthy intro to this post on my NEW FAVORITE BAND, but I won’t. Except to say that they are really, really, cool. Yuck seems a bit of a contradictory name for a band that I find so delicious, but there ya go. Yuck is a North London import, and their self-titled debut album is the kind of record that can easily get put on repeat and define a season. If you are not yet convinced, I have provided a complementary list of 5 Reasons to Love Yuck.

yuck photo

1. Yuck combines nearly every musical style that’s been hot for the past year to make something totally different. You’ll hear vocals ranging from sweet harmonies to jangling, 90’s style, angst. The melodies layer piercing solos and fuzzed out guitars in a way that seems unrehearsed and fresh.

2. Frontman Daniel Blumberg is a redhead.

3. Their self-titled album is a mix of head shaking beats and slowed down tracks. Perfect for every mood.

4. They landed a spot on the BBC Sound of 2011 list, meaning they’ll probably (hopefully) hit it big soon enough. Be cooler than your friends and get the album now!

5. Their music videos are pretty neat, and perfectly capture the whole 90s-but-better vibe. Here’s one for Holing Out.

Get AwayClick to download my favorite track.